• 'Chocolate creations' hands-on class by Shigeo Hirai

    23-25 Sep, 2019

Take your skills and techniques to the next level with this advanced Chocolate creations class by Chef Shigeo Hirai. Using recipes developed by Chef Shigeo Hirai, our class will allow you to create professionally finished petit gateaux, entremet, baked products, bonbon chocolate in your own kitchen.

This comprehensive class is perfect for anyone, aspiring to master the perfect petit gateaux and entremet that will both look stunning and taste incredible.

Chef Hirai will create below recipes during the 3 day course:- 

Entremet :

  • Ll'hymne
  • Range 

Petit Gateaux :

  • Gravite
  • Onctueuse
  • Raspail
  • Mousse chocolat a l'orange amere et au kalamansi    
  • Bouchees chocolat
  • Souffle chocolat au yuzu

Gateau de voyage :

  • Cake au chocolat
  • Coconuts Zephyr caramel

Bonbon :

  • Future
  • Tablette Zephyr caramel

Registration Details :

  • All classes are held from 9.00am to 5.00pm SGT
  • Daily lunch provided for full day classes only. Halal or vegetarian meals are available upon request 
  • The Chocolate Academy Center in Singapore is not a Halal certified kitchen
  • Only online payment is accepted and no refunds will be issued
  • Once payment is successful, changing of classes is not allowed
  • The Chocolate Academy Center Singapore reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class due to unforeseen circumstances and only in this exception, refunds will be issued
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Date 23-25 Sep, 2019
Teacher Shigeo Hirai
Price 1100 SGD
Language English
Location Singapore
Status Available

Shigeo Hirai

Guest teacher
Born in 1974. After working in France for 2 years, he worked at Grand Hyatt Tokyo as Pastry sous Chef in 2006. He became a champion at World Chocolate Masters 2009. He was appointed as Pastry Chef of Grand Hyatt Tokyo and Cacao Barry Ambassador in 2011, and he opened his Pastry shop L’AVENUE in Kobe at 2012.


Level 3


You are working as a professional with a thorough knowledge about the process and want to improve in the field of chocolate. Since some time you work on a professional basis with chocolate and have knowledge about most of the techniques.

A highly specialised course designed for participants with a high level of chocolate skills.


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