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Our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centers are teaching and training centers for artisans and professionals who want to improve their working skills in chocolate and learn about new trends, techniques and recipes. More than 500 interested craftsmen attend our events every week.
With the infrastructure of our CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centers we can cater to each and every question on cocoa, chocolate and the technical aspects involved. We can also experiment with potential applications for chocolate, among all the possibilities.

CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ center Singapore

Our Chocolate Academy Center offers practical and theoretical courses for chocolate artisans, pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers and caterers. The curriculum includes beginner, advanced and specialized courses on chocolate processing and a range of techniques and applications - from molding, enrobing and sculpting to decorations and flavorings.

Our program will allow chocolate artisans, pastry chefs, confectioners, bakers and caterers to improve their knowledge and skills of chocolate. We also provide demonstrations organised by our distributor for our customers, which can be customised to their specific needs & requirement (practical & theory). In addition to our technical advisor, the teaching staff at the Chocolate Academy center may include members of our Ambassadors Club. They help us test and develop new products and recipes, as well as help us with demonstrations & customer training.

Our professional team will perfect your skills and expertise in creativity, passion, pleasure and professionalism. We look forward to sharing our passion for chocolate with you!

26 Senoko South Road Singapore 758091
+ 603 3169 3366
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