“Find content in seeing the perfection in imperfection”

Nicoll Notter is the head chef for the New York Chocolate Academy. Son of two pastry chefs, Nicoll was introduced to the pastry industry at an early age. He has given his adult life to the pastry world and has been fortunate enough to work in many places. His resume varies from chocolate production, pastry shops, hotels, and restaurants in the states and Switzerland. At age 21, Nicoll competed in and won Pastry Chef of the Year for the United States, being the youngest person to win the competition. In 2020 as captain of the Swiss National Team, Nicoll and the team won 1st place in the Coupe d’Europe held in Paris. In 2022,  Nicoll was working as a pastry chef for a restaurant in Manhattan called Frevo and the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star. Nicoll’s base philosophy is hard work and determination will take you further than talent ever could.
With Nicoll’s current role as head chef, he is excited to help other professionals grow and wants to see the pastry scene continue to revolutionize.