Molded Bonbons: Casting the Shells

A step-by-step look at casting shells for molded bonbons

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Hi! If the working temperature is 20-22°C, how long do I let the chocolate rest in the mold before emptying it?

Hi, Veronica.

The working temperature varies for different chocolates, between 29°C - 32°C, so I imagine you're referring to your room temperature when you say 20-22.

I have found that the amount of time the chocolate needs to rest can be incredibly short if the room is cold. When I cast chocolate shells in the winter, I don't rest it at all or I get super-thick shells. If it's super-hot in the kitchen, I'll first look for a cooler spot to work! At warmer temps with white or milk chocolate, it can be a few minutes before you want to empty the mold. Don't be afraid to sacrifice one shell to see how the setting is going! It can take a little time and patience, but you'll get to know your workspace and your chocolates, and you'll have it down in no time.