Decorating: Ombré Effect

Learn this trendy airbrush technique for decorating molded bonbons


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Amei a técnica, estou me Aperfeiçoando ,sua apaixonada pela pintura artística

Please advise me what kind of airbrush sprayer would be good for this. I am a student and would like to practice these techniques so as to learn and get better but I do not know which brand or type would be best. Thank you so much I’m advance.

You'll find airbrush preferences vary greatly among chefs - some prefer a paint sprayer from a hardware store or art supply store, some go for specialty sprayers made especially for cocoa butter, and prices are all over the place. The good news is that almost any airgun is good enough for you to practice and get the hang of using one. Once you start doing large-scale production and refining your technique that's when you'll want to start getting into the finer details and, possibly, look at higher-priced options. For now, I'd recommend sourcing an airgun from a company that specializes in pastry equipment and staying within your budget - you can splurge later when you know what you really want.