Troubleshooting Enrobed Bonbons

Framed fillings are a fast and efficient way to create a lot of product at once. Learn more about creating and enrobing this type of product.


Causes and solutions

  • Products need a more modern look

    Add variety and visual appeal with transfer sheets.

    Decorating: How To Use Transfer Sheets

  • Where to begin?

    Take the first step on the path to professional-looking enrobed bonbons by choosing the right chocolate.

    Choosing the Right Chocolate for Enrobed Bonbons

  • There are many types of frames for casting fillings

    Learn the pros and cons of the most popular types of frames

    Framed Fillings: Types of Frames

  • How to cast a filling for enrobing

    A smooth evenly cast filling lays the foundation for success

    Framed Fillings: Casting the Filling

  • How to add a foot to your filling

    Adding a thin layer of chocolate to fillings ensures great results

    Framed Fillings: Preparing the Foot

  • How to cut the filling with a confectionery guitar

    Learn the best practices for cutting fillings with this specialty equipment

    Framed Fillings: Cutting the Filling

  • Learn to enrobe by hand

    All the tips and tricks for hand-dipping bonbons are covered here

    Enrobing by Hand

  • Learn some basic decorating techniques

    Start with these basic tips and tricks for decorating enrobed bonbons

    Decorating Enrobed Chocolate Bonbons