Sugar Bloom

Chocolate products that have a dull, grainy surface may be exhibiting sugar bloom


Causes and solutions

  • Molds used were dirty or had residue from previous products

    Be sure to properly clean and prepare your molds for outstanding results

    Molded Bonbons: Preparing the Molds

  • Chocolate was exposed to humidity

    Sugar bloom can have many causes, but all are related to humidity.

    Tricks to Avoid Chocolate Sugar Bloom

  • Chocolate was stored improperly

    Improper storage of your chocolate products can affect their appearance and shorten their shelf life

    Storing Finished Chocolate Products


What is your recommended temperature and humidity for finished products, please.

In the storage video, Chef Alexandre recommends a storage temperature of 20°C. This is closer to a cool room temp than to the temperature in your average refriegerator, which is why a cooler specifically for chocolate is ideal.

Humidity is less of a detrimental factor if your products are well-sealed. Around 60% humidity is good, but depending on your situation, this can be difficult to achieve and will probably fluctuate, so properly wrapping chocolate is crucial. I know some who like to vacuum seal each box to be extra sure, though this is a cost that adds up quickly.

I have worked in restaurants where I was able to commandeer space in the wine room, and it was ideal. In other places, I've been able to find a dim corner of a storage area that stayed cool and dry all year, and that worked well. My point here is that if your budget and/or space are limited, you may need to get creative!