Molded Product is dull or discolored

Finished molded product has streaks, fingerprints and other visual imperfections on the surface.

Causes and solutions

  • Couverture was not properly tempered

    Learning the basics of tempering chocolate will lay the foundation for achieving consistent, professional results.

    Introduction to Tempering Chocolate

  • Cocoa Butter used for decorating molds was not properly tempered

    Properly tempering your cocoa butter for decorating molds helps ensure maximum shine and no sticking.

    Using Colored Cocoa Butter: Tempering Cocoa Butter

  • Molds used were dirty or had residue from previous products

    Be sure to properly clean and prepare your molds for outstanding results

    Molded Bonbons: Preparing the Molds

  • Chocolate was exposed to humidity

    Sugar bloom can have many causes, but all are related to humidity.

    Tricks to Avoid Chocolate Sugar Bloom

  • Temperature of couverture or of finished product was too warm

    Careful adherence to recommended temperatures for crystallizing, working with, and storing chocolate will help avoid fat bloom.

    Tricks to Avoid Chocolate Fat Bloom

  • Couverture was over-crystallized

    Over-crystallized chocolate is thick and viscous. This can be the source of many problems.

    What to Do When Chocolate is Over-Crystallized

  • Couverture was under-crystallized

    Under-crystallized chocolate will not have the proper appearance or texture.

    What To Do When Chocolate is Under-Crystallized