Bonbons won’t release from mold

When attempting to unmold bonbons or tablets, some or all of the product remains in the mold.

Causes and solutions

  • Incorrect procedure was used when casting shells

    Be sure to adhere to best practices when casting molds

    Molded Bonbons: Casting the Shells

  • Couverture was not properly tempered

    Learning the basics of tempering chocolate will lay the foundation for achieving consistent, professional results.

    Introduction to Tempering Chocolate

  • Couverture used was not the ideal consistency

    Make sure you have chosen chocolate with the ideal fluidity for molded bonbons

    Choosing the Right Chocolate for Molded Bonbons

  • Molds used were dirty or had residue from previous products

    Be sure to properly clean and prepare your molds for outstanding results

    Molded Bonbons: Preparing the Molds