Andrey Dubovik, born in Minsk, Belarus, started baking at home for fun in 2015. First éclairs and cakes, and while decorating them he learned to work with chocolate, and a whole new world opened for him. It wasn’t long before Andrey realised that he wanted to focus on working with this unique and versatile product. 
He read everything on the subject that he could lay his hands on and taught himself a number of techniques by watching films he found on Internet. Thanks to his enthusiasm and dedication, he soon began to make his mark in the world of chocolate and in 2016, he bought his first polycarbonate mould. 
He’s hugely passionate about his pralines, has an eye for detail and a natural flair for colour, all of which results in beautifully-produced creations. Although he has only just started on his career as chocolatier, he is already looking forward to the rest of the adventure.