Menge: 4 kg (±4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve
Containing: 2 Components

Pink heaven on earth

Zutaten: Pink heaven on earth

  • 1 Beutel(s)
    Callebaut® ChocoGelato Fior di Cao (MXM-ICE15-V99)
  • 2 kg
    heißes Wasser (70°-85°)

Zubereitung: Pink heaven on earth

Mix well with immersion blender for ±2 mins. Leave to rest in fridge (3-5°C) for ±30 mins. Pour into batch freezer and start churning

Zutaten: Pink heaven on earth

  • Callebaut® Eisschokolade Rubin RB1 (ICE-43-RUBY-552)

Zubereitung: Pink heaven on earth

When gelato leaves batch freezer, fill half gelato container and mix in.

Fill rest of gelato container and mix in Callebaut® Ice Chocolate ruby RB1. Leave to rest in blast freezer for a few mins.


Zutaten: Decorations

  • CHR-PC-21859
  • CHR-PN-6222

Zubereitung: Decorations

Tip: In gelato, ruby decorations keep their colour & taste for days.

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