“Cooking requires time and patience and these two always come together in the kitchen. When I opened my own business making the chocolate brigadeiros, I needed to be more patient, as food takes time to cook and take on the proper flavors, smell, and texture. It’s a process.”

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Mary discovered her passion for chocolate and Brigadeiros in a small kitchen alongside her mother. She started her entrepreneurial journey back in December 2014 as a young immigrant to Canada with her partner. Now, she is leading an ever-growing team of Brigadeiro enthusiasts who have a love for great handcrafted chocolates. Her shop has been featured in American Express’s “Shop Small®” campaign, the Toronto Star, and had most recently appeared in a Toronto Board of Trade campaign. Mary’s Brigadero’s brick-and-mortar shop is located in Toronto, Canada. They serve customers all over the world via their online shop.