Sponsors & Partners



Les Vergers Boiron: Frozen fruit and vegetable purees and coulis for culnary professionals.  www.boironfreres.com, Jerome Robin, jrobin@boironfreres.com

Demarle: Non-stick baking solutions.  www.demarleusa.com, Pierre Bonnet, pbonnet@demarleusa.com

Bakon: Food equipment.  www.bakonusa.com, Luc Imberechts, luc@bakonusa.com

Bridor: Pastry and baking products, www.bridor.fr

TCF Sales: Guitar cutters, chocolate enrobers, and other chocolate equipment.  www.tcfsales.com, Tom Polk, tom@tcfsales.com

Tomric: Chocolate Machines/Equiptment. www.tomric.com. Tom Eisinghorst, telsinghorst@tomric.com

The Spice House: Whole and ground spices.  www.thespicehouse.com, Tom and Patty Erd, tom@thespicehouse.com; spices@thespicehouse.com 

Waring: Commercial products.  waring@conair.com

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas: Vanilla specialists, www.nielsenmassey.com, Beth Nielsen, BethN@nielsenMassey.com

Spray Gun Imports (SGI): Quality spray guns.  www.sgi-france.com, Armand Bailly, a.bailly@sgi-france.com

Solia: Packaging products, Giselle Valcarcel, sales@solia-usa.com

Formech: Custom molds, www.formech.com, Nic Neath, nicneath@formechinc.com

PolyScience: Smoking Gun, www.polyscience.com, David.Pietranczyk@polyscienceculinary.com 

Matfer: Kitchen supplies and tools, www.matferbourgeatusa.com, contact@matferinc.com

Ultra Source USA: vacuum packaging machine, https://www.ultrasourceusa.com/

PIPINQ: piping bags, http://pansaver.com/pipinq.html