Join us for 2 days to learn the fundamentals of working with chocolate!
17 Jun 2024 - 18 Jun 2024
2 days
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650.00 GBP
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Have you ever thought about working with chocolate? Come and join us on this 2 day course where we will cover basic techniques that will provide you with the confidence to create your own bespoke range of chocolate products.

Who should attend: Anyone who has an interest in developing their chocolate knowledge, whether you are opening your own business or just want to update your professional skills. 

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This is an informative, practical and hands on course for beginners incorporating the range of products below:

  • Explanation of the chocolate making process from cocoa tree to chocolate bar
  • Chocolate tasting – plantation, origin, blended grades
  • Tempering theory and practical - pre-crystallisation methods: seeding with callets and mycryo cocoa butter, microwave tempering and a review of equipment and machinery
  • Ideal working and storage conditions
  • Chocolate truffles: pre-made truffle spheres finished with classic and contemporary decoration
  • Moulded chocolates with ganache fillings – decorated with cocoa butters and creative powders
  • Cut chocolates ganaches
  • Chocolate lollipops - demonstrating the use of transfer sheets
  • Fun chocolate bars
  • Seasonal novelty chocolate figure

You will also receive a full list of UK supply contacts to assist you with your chocolate equipment and ingredient sourcing

The course includes:

  • All course materials and recipe booklet
  • Lunch and Refreshments
  • Chocolate Academy Chefs Jacket
  • Signed Chocolate Academy Certificate
  • Your beautiful hand crafted products to take home with you

Note: Accommodation not included

What to wear: You will be in a professional working environment so will need to wear comfortable working clothes (long trousers) and covered, closed toe shoes.

Please note: Jewellery (including watches) and nail varnish to be removed for the duration of the course.

Price includes VAT

NOTE: Your course place is not secured until full payment has been received.

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