• Pastry hands-on class by Johan Martin

    18-20 Nov, 2019

A course which you can’t miss, discover a range of small cakes and desserts.

For who? Everyone who has a good Pastry level and who would like to learn how we make cakes and desserts

What to Expect? You will discover a range of small individual cakes and desserts. And different products that you will use.

At the end of the course you have a profound knowledge to make small cakes and desserts and different products that are useful for all this.

Chouchou Pistachio: -
• Pistachio sponge cake
• Raspberry compote
• Pistachio craquelin
• Pistachio choux

Mango/Passion fruit and Jasmin Cheese cake:-
• Agar exotic
• Cream cheese mouss
• Mango and passion fruit confit

Smith :-
• Hazelnut dacquoise
• Compote green apple
• Green apple mousse

Religieuse 100% Chocolat :-
• Chocolate choux
• Chocolate cream
• Chocolate craquelin
• Miroir chocolat

Exotic Pavlova:-
• Crispy meringue
• Crème brulée Mango/Passion fruit
• Vanilla Chantilly

Profiterole vanilla and chocolate:-
• Vanilla and chocolate marble cake
• Vanilla soft cream diplomat
• Choux paste
• Chocolate cream

• Soft lemon sponge cake
• Mango cream
• Exotic mousse
• Vanilla ganache

Tartelette crispy Vanilla Exotic:-
• Vanilla cake crispy
• Brunoise fraicheur
• Vanilla Chantilly

Black Forest:-
• Cherry compote
• Chocolate mousse Haiti
• Chocolate sponge cake
• Vanilla and kirsh cream
• Red glazing

• Agrum cream
• Biscuit de Savoie
• Hazelnut crispy
• Milk chocolate Ghana cream
• Orange glazing

Pink Lady:-
• Red fruits sponge cake
• Vanilla mascarpone cream
• Smoothie Strawberry
• Pink glazing

Strawberry and Pistachio St Honoré:-
• Red choux
• Red craquelin
• Pistachio Chantilly
• Strawberry compote
• Vanilla cream



Registration Details :

  • All classes are held from 9.00am to 5.00pm SGT
  • Daily lunch provided for full day classes only. Halal or vegetarian meals are available upon request 
  • The Chocolate Academy Center in Singapore is not a Halal certified kitchen
  • Only online payment is accepted and no refunds will be issued
  • Once payment is successful, changing of classes is not allowed
  • The Chocolate Academy Center Singapore reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a class due to unforeseen circumstances and only in this exception, refunds will be issued
  • Product images shown are for illustration purpose only.


Date 18-20 Nov, 2019
Teacher Johan Martin
Price 1100 SGD
Language English
Location Singapore
Status Available

Johan Martin

Guest teacher

Pastry Instructor, Bellouet Conseil School in Paris

• Began at Maison Debieux alongside Chef Stéphane Glacier, MOF Pâtissier
• 2009-present, teaches French pastry courses for professionals at Bellouet Conseil School in Paris directed by Chef Jean Michel Perruchon, MOF Pâtissier
• 2007, Pastry World Cup in Phoenix – assistant to winning French team: Chef Franck Michel, MOF Pâtissier, Chef Franck Kestener MOF Chocolatier, Cherf Bruno Montcoudiol MOF
• 2007, Artistic Sugar Competition in Lyon, France – Vice Champion
• 2013, Pastry World Cup in Lyon, France – Silver Medal of the selection French team
Of Note
Enjoys traveling all over the world, from Japan to Kuwait, Colombia to Egypt, sharing his experiences and “savoir- faire”.


Level 3


You are working as a professional with a thorough knowledge about the process and want to improve in the field of chocolate. Since some time you work on a professional basis with chocolate and have knowledge about most of the techniques.

A highly specialised course designed for participants with a high level of chocolate skills.


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