“Cacao is one of the most complex fruit that nature give to us Chocolate is the easiest way to enjoy it”

Alberto started moving his first steps in the Pastry world very early: Immediately after its vocational training he started working in a bakery and later in an ice-cream laboratory. A couple of years later he deeply fell in love with Pastry: after working in a local pastry laboratory he became eager to advance his skills attending a whole-year course at the Etoile School. There he discovered the highest Pastry standards. In Cortina he later met Beduschi who introduced him to the Chocolate World. He further developed his pastry skills in luxury hotels in Milano Marittima and in a restaurant in Bergamo. He worked as a Chocolate Chef at the Stefano Laghi’s laboratory, to finally meet in 2007 Ramon Moratò at the current Chocolate Academy, where in 2010 he started his path in Barry-Callebaut as a Technical Advisor. He collaborated personally in the opening of the Chocolate Academy in Milan of which he became the director at the beginning of 2019.