Future of Foodservice - Back to Basics

Future of Foodservice - Back to Basics

Back To Basics Guide
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Since 2019, desserts and hot drinks after meals have grown, as consumers seek to extend a greater variety of experiences.

Did you know that 44% of UK consumers usually order a dessert, cake or pastry when eating out and that 45% would choose a chocolate dessert?

Find ways to be more efficient and cost effective in your dessert preparations while always satisfying your customers' expectations!

Back To Basics

What if there was a way to be more efficient and cost effective in your dessert preparations?

What will you gain by downloading our guide:

  • Discover preparation methods for when you’re short of time, staff and space in your kitchen
  • Create indulgent and comforting desserts for your customers
  • Add value with sustainable, less processed and local ingredients
Julie Sharp

Chefs are really struggling at the moment, there is a lack of skills around. I think the kitchens are going to have to adapt and the way to do so is by working smarter.

Julie Sharp
Head chef Chocolate Academy
™ UK and Ireland

Go Back To Basics with Chocolate Academy™ Chef Dries Delanghe

Watch the step-by-step recipe video below and discover three ways you can serve chocolate cakes to excite your customers! 

Discover what it means to go Back to Basics.  

Reduce your challenges by offering desserts that are easy to make, cost & time efficient and on-trend with authentic & nostalgic ingredients!

Submit the form to download the Back to Basics volume: simplify your production without reducing the quality of your desserts!