“I consider myself as a fortunate artist, passionate about culinary art and flavor pairings delivering unique chocolate experiences.”

Martin Diez is leading the chef services of Barry Callebaut in the Americas and is based in Chicago. He is a globally-recognized chef for his creative mindset in confectionery, ice cream, and pastry. Martin is constantly traveling the world to give classes around his art and artwork which allows him to always discover new ingredients, and meet chefs and other artisans. Martin loves to push the boundaries of his chocolate playground, pairing the most fascinating product (chocolate) with hundreds of rare and unique ingredients from all over the world.

Martin started his training at the renowned pastry shop in Bordeaux, France called Antoine. He was also a member of the highly-skilled artisan guild "Tour de France des Compagnon du Devoir" for several years, which gave him the opportunity to work in many prestigious pastry and chocolate shops around France. Recently, he served as Barry Callebaut’s International Demonstrator, traveling the world. His international experience and his travels allow him to have a very specific vision and signature in his creations.