“Learn, taste, try, create. Build your pallet as a pastry chef, don’t copy anyone, have your own style and be recognizable for it.”

Zeljko Todic is a Chocolate Academy chef in Chocolate Academy in Belgrade. Zeljko has 9 years of experience and he worked with great chefs over his culinary journey, such as Marko Trpkovic (one of the best pastry chefs in Serbia), Zdravko Gavrilovic (one of the best pastry chefs in Serbia ), Fabrice Meynet, Marco Lucentini, Eyck Zimmer (one Michelin star chef), Giorgio Locatelli (one Michelin star chef). Zeljko used to work in prestigious and luxury hotels. Also, Zeljko is a member and main pastry chef for senior team of Culinary Federation of Serbia and together whit them he won a bronze medal on IKA Culinary Olympic in Germany. Zeljko is an open minded chef who is ready for some unusual combinations of flavors in desserts and his vision for desserts is to be bold, looking nice and taste even better.