05 Aug 2024 - 09 Aug 2024
5 days
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1500.00 GBP
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**UK and Ireland Residents Only**

Have you ever thought about becoming a chocolatier and opening a chocolate shop or making chocolates for local wholesale? If the answer is yes, then this 5 day course could be your first step towards that journey!

This course is filled with informative theory and extensive practical work to give you an in depth look into the world of chocolate, to teach you new skills and techniques that will help you get started in building your chocolate business.

Join us at the Chocolate Academy™ centre in Banbury where we specialise in training and updating chocolate professionals from the serious novice to the successful chocolatier.

Who should attend:  Anyone who is thinking of becoming a chocolatier and opening a chocolate business.


Calendrier des cours

Day 1 – 10AM - 4.30PM

  • Factory Tour
  • Introduction to the chocolate industry
  • Theoretical explanation of the journey from cocoa bean to finished chocolate bar
  • 'Cocoa Horizon' 
  • Professional chocolate tasting 
  • How to choose the right chocolate for the right application
  • Review of supplier contacts to assist you in planning a small chocolate business
  • Explore the Callebaut website for tutorials on chocolate techniques
  • Environmental Health and Trading Standards

Day 2 – 9.00 - 5pm approx.

  • Science of tempering chocolate
  • Ideal working and storage environments 
  • Common chocolate productions faults – how to identify
  • Tempering – by hand, table top, seeding, microwave tempering  
  • Practical session covering - chocolate bars, bark, figures, lollipops, moulded chocolates by hand
  • Preparation of truffles 
  • Selling tips & negotiation workshop

Day 3 – 9.00 - 5pm approx.

  • Chocolate machine options – first purchase consideration
  • Production using continuous tempering machines
  • Modern decoration techniques using coloured cocoa butters and creative powders for moulded chocolates
  • Science behind ganaches
  • Short and long shelf life ganaches for moulded and enrobed chocolates - including cold and hot infusions
  • Creative Easter eggs
  • Classical and contemporary decoration of truffles

Day 4 – 9.00 - 5pm approx.

  • Parameters that affect shelf life
  • How to calculate the shelf life of a ganache 
  • Enrobing techniques - by hand and machine
  • Confectionery snacking bars
  • Insight into Human Resources
  • Evening meal with the Academy Team in local restaurant

Day 5 – 9.00 - 2.00pm

  • How to Improve your Marketing with Effective Social Media
  • Visit from Special Guest Chocolatier – covering real life experiences of starting and building their own chocolate business, selling and costing of products, storing finished chocolates, shelf life, labelling of chocolate boxes, good websites for testing and Q&A
  • Marketing Trends Presentation
  • Professional Packaging of products made over the weeks course sponsored by Keylink
  • Where now?  One to One Business Target Consultation

The course includes:

  • 2 Professional Chocolate Academy chefs jacket
  • All recipes and technical information
  • All of your professionally packaged chocolate creations
  • Hospitality - one evening meal plus lunch and refreshments each day
  • A signed Chocolate Academy certificate

**Accommodation not included**

What to wear: You will be in a professional working environment so will need to wear comfortable working clothes (long trousers) and covered, closed toe shoes.

Please note: Jewellery (including watches) and nail varnish to be removed for the duration of the course.

Price includes VAT

NOTE: Your course place is not secured until full payment has been received.

If you are already running a business we advise you speak to our Academy Chefs prior to booking this course to make sure you are signing up for the right course to meet your full training needs. Please contact



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