Chef Gregory was brought up in a very creative family, so the boy had started to experience the magic of pastry since early childhood and very soon the kitchen became his favorite place.


Little Gregory enjoyed watching closely the way his mother would bake a pie every Sunday morning with apples that he’d personally just picked from the family garden. Almost every time that smell of freshly cooked pie enchanted the whole neighborhood!

Undoubtedly, all these unforgettable childhood memories were filled with art and food…

Seduced by the handcrafted glass sculptures that his father had created and the fine dishes from his mother’s hands, Gregory soon realized that his future would include a combination of both worlds.


At the age of sixteen, Gregory Doyen continued his education at the Culinary College Le Castel in Dijon and the ENSP school in Yssingeaux which is known as a leading pastry art school in France.


Following 8 years of internships and additional schooling, Chef Gregory started his international pastry career at Potel & Chabot in Moscow, Russia, followed by several years as the Executive Pastry Chef of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.


In 2018, Chef Gregory decided to move forward and set up his own consulting and an educational project, GD Sweet Concept. His projects take him around the world to cities such as Moscow, London, India and China. He currently teaches many master classes in some of the best pastry schools around the world to share his pastry passion and know-how.