“True strength of a chef is in ‘Doing Small things right’, And one can conquer the world of Pastry with the right kind of Attitude and Patience.”

Yatik Shirdhankar is a cullinary connosseur and currently the  Junior Academy  Chef for the Chocolate Academy™ Centers in APAC, Sphere heading the Chocolate Academy Centers™  in  Mumbai With Hospitality running in the blood he began his career in the year 2009 after graduating from a renowned hospitality Institute in India. Got exposed to the overall culinary experience in first few years of the career and finally settled down in the Pastry section as the precision and science behind the ingredients inspired him constantly. He picked up Vital bakery and confectionary skills through his experience with renowned properties such as Hyatt Hotels, Taj, Ista and the most noteworthy being Bubo pattisserie which excels in creating Relais Desserts with exceptional skills and techniques. Being a Patient individual Teaching is one of his naturally strong pursuits.