“Pastry is where imagination and creativity, meet science and technique. In my work i try to instill these elements, to create delights that bring pure joy in every way”

Nicolas Nikolakopoulos is a dedicated pastry educator and chocolatier and co-founder of NZ Dessert Designers, a Pastry/Baking consultancy serving in Greece and Internationally. With more than a decade experience in pastry instruction, he imparts expertise through classes, consultancies, and thousands of training hours. As Southeast Europe's first Chocolate Master and a World Chocolate Masters 2022 Top-Three finalist, he seamlessly blends innovation and artistry. Nicolas passionately shares knowledge as a Multi-Brand Ambassador for the Chocolate Academy of Athens and other industry brands. He is also a professor at Le Monde Culinary and Tourism College. His foundation in Chemistry from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki enriches his creative approach with a scientific viewpoint, allowing him to innovate and also specialize in the development of specialty pastry products.