Bombones moldeados: Rellenar los cascos

Asegúrese de no rellenar ni demasiado ni demasiado poco y evite las burbujas de aire al rellenar.

¿Necesitas ayuda con tus confituras de chocolate?

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it'd be great having the complete video without sudden ends... very careful to do chocolat but a mess contracting vid editors -_-

Thank you for the Tutorial. I learnt something good I would love to try. I just want to be sure, it is melted Chocolate Garnache that should also be directly used for the covering of the Bonbons that will be the base, or is that predone on a separate Platelette too, which means there must be a Platelette for that purpose? Thank you.

Hi. How long does it take for the filling to crystallize?

Hi, Veronica.
Our chefs recommend allowing filled bonbon shells to rest overnight at a cool room temperature or in a chocolate cooler before capping them. Crystallization can happen a bit faster, but if you want to be absolutely sure they're going to be ready, an overnight rest is your best bet.