Chocolate Academy™ and World Chocolate Masters: Shaping the Future

Chocolate Academy™ and World Chocolate Masters: Shaping the Future

A Chef at the World Chocolate Masters Competition working with dry ice

Viewers of the World Chocolate Masters competition saw innovative and inventive techniques from some of the world’s best chocolatiers and pastry chefs. Behind the scenes, Chocolate Academy™ chefs worked to create an incredible experience for these competitors during one of the most important moments of their careers. The relationships forged in the process of preparing for the competition have developed into ongoing partnerships, with World Chocolate Masters participants teaching courses at their local Chocolate Academy™ Center, becoming Chocolate Ambassadors, and sharing their competition techniques on the Chocolate Academy™ website.


Chefs Anna Gerasi and Marta Giorgetti at the World Chocolate Masters Competition

WCM competitor Anna Gerasi from Italy with Marta Giorgetti, her competition godmother from the Chocolate Academy™ Center in Milan

Chocolate Academy™ Godparents

At least a year before the World Chocolate Masters Final Competition, each competitor began working with a Chef from their local Chocolate Academy™, their “godfather” or “godmother.” These chefs not only helped and guided each competitor through conceptualizing, executing, and perfecting their competition entries, they supported the contestants through every moment of the days of the competition at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

Chef Togo Matsuda's unique molds for tuiles at the World Chocolate Masters Final

Techniques from the Finals

The World Chocolate Masters Final is a showcase of both classic and cutting-edge chocolate techniques, with many competitors finding creative ways to modify a traditional approach, such as building bonbons from the inside out or inventing never-before-seen techniques for tuiles, tarts shells, and more.

A closer look at these techniques can be found on our Learning page.

Chef Jacky Lung assembles his sculpture at the World Chocolate Masters Final

Spreading Chocolate Joy

After demonstrating tremendous skill and creative talent in the competition, some finalists and jury members were invited to become a part of the Chocolate Ambassador’s Club. Both Helena Fleglova, a jury member from the Czech Republic, and Chinese WCM finalist Jacky Lung have become Chocolate Academy™ Ambassadors, with more to come!

The Chocolate Ambassadors Club logo

About the Ambassadors Club

The Chocolate Ambassadors Club is made up of 200 members representing over 30 countries, and it continues to grow. 

Ambassadors are world-renown chefs selected for their expertise, passion, and commitment to their craft. Chefs like Melissa Coppel and Kirsten Tibballs, to name just two, are not only well-known, high-profile chefs; their commitment to helping their peers and educating future chefs sets the tone for all Ambassadors. A Chocolate Ambassador's mission is to inspire chefs through creativity, technical prowess, and commitment to sustainable craftsmanship. They join Chocolate Academy™ Chefs in guiding others via workshops, classes, videos, and recipes.

Chef Lluc Crusellas works on the details of his elephant sculpture at the World Chocolate Masters competition

Sharing Their Knowledge

Building the chocolate talent of tomorrow starts in our local academies, and Chocolate Academy™ Centers around the world have invited World Chocolate Masters Chefs to share their expertise with students in courses hosted by the academy.

UK jury member (and previous WCM contestant) Alistair Birt recently visited Leicester college for a workshop on small chocolate sculptures for their level 2 and 3 students.

Belgian WCM jury member David Maenhout teamed up with Chocolate Academy™ Chef Christa Muyldermans to lead chocolatiers through creative ideas for Easter. A replay of the course (in Dutch) is available for free.

Coming up in May, World Chocolate Master Champion Lluc Crusellas will lead a half-day event at our Chocolate Academy™ Center in Spain, detailing how he prepared for the WCM competition, the experience of competing, and how he has managed press obligations and social media.

The World Chocolate Masters Logo

World Chocolate Masters

You can re-watch the livestreams of each day of the competition, learn about the contestants and jury members, and see recipes from each chef on the World Chocolate Masters Website. And be sure to follow them on Instagram for all the latest news about the chefs and future competitions.