Stout Spice Cakes

The dark, rich flavors of spices, molasses, and stout beer in these individual cakes from Chef Mark Seaman are offset by a Callebaut® Gold glaze both visually and in terms of flavor. The salted caramel Crispearls™ not only add crunch, but they also contribute another layer of flavor. The result is a visually-tempting, not-too-sweet, perfect small-bite dessert. Created for a bar near Chef Mark’s bakery, they’d be an excellent way to collaborate with a local brewery or to showcase a specific brand of Irish Cream. Be sure to heed Chef Mark’s note about pan size in the recipe for the cake component. In the first step, you’ll see the baking soda react with the acidic molasses to create a foam reminiscent of childhood science experiments. Make certain you’ve got plenty of room in the pot you choose! You’ll also want to note his advice about the right temperature for using the ganache glaze: too warm and you’ll have a too-thin and visually uninspiring result; too cold and the glaze won’t drip attractively. Get it just right, and you’ll see gorgeous, professional results.


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