Top 6 Trends to Watch in Horeca

Top 6 Trends to Watch in Horeca

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Horeca Food Trends
Which ingredients are the most popular ones? Which types of flavors are consumers looking for? How can you create trendier recipes to attract more customers?
Have you asked yourself those questions?
Our Chocolate Academy™ HORECA Food Trends report will provide the answers you are looking for! We’ve analyzed the main food trends of the market and came up with 14 hottest ingredients. From citrus to hot flavors, from nuts & seeds to the ‘always and ever’ chocolate, discover all the trendiest ingredients of the moment!

You can incorporate caramel into refreshing Summer desserts. A delicious caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream, for example, is oh-so-easy and flavourful!

Dries Delanghe, Chocolate Academy™ Chef

Leverage the learnings of this Food Trends report to create trendy recipes, incorporating appealing, consumer-driven ingredients. All set to create the most flavoursome recipes based on the hottest food trends?

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