We Are Real Bakers

We Are Real Bakers

We Are Real Bakers
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We've interviewed real bakers and business owners just like you, asking them to share their secrets, successes, and top-selling chocolate recipes. You’ll get to know everything about their love for chocolate and baking, and how they incorporate chocolate in their baked goods. Curious how these bakers attract a growing number of customers? And why customers keep coming back for more?

Discover how the world of chocolate and baking meet each other, get inspired and create the most successful and exquisite treats!

    Real Bakers Broschüre

    We Are Real Bakers: 3 reasons why you should get involved

    1. Get Inspired: we have interviewed Bakers to unravel the secrets of their success: what makes these bakeries unique? Why do customers keep coming back? And what’s their favorite product of Barry Callebaut to work with?

    2. Start Innovating: Go crazy with your flavors and start experimenting! Do you miss some skills or do you want to take them to the next level? Our courses are there for you!

    3. The Result? Business Growth! All these resources are at your fingertips, guiding you in your journey to achieving the skills and confidence that will take you to the next level.

    Callebaut™ Caramel filling is nice and sweet. And we’ve discovered that mixing it with pastry cream makes it bake-stable.

    Michael Hjort, baker at Michael H Konditoriet

    Meet Real Baker Kitty Tait

    In this episode, we'll meet English Baker Kitty Tait: from a tiny shop in the small market town of Watlington in Oxfordshire a bright star is rising in the world of artisan baking. Kitty Tait, aged 16 (!) has set up a bakery that sells out every day. The Orange Baker has become the place for locals to get the best bread and pastries. And it’s a place where Kitty can let her passion for baking and exciting flavour combinations run wild.

    Download the exclusive brochure with the full interview and all the tips and tricks from baker Kitty Tait!

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