Stewart & Arnold

Our Story

Inspired by their vision of great British Chocolate, in 1945 William Stewart (Businessman) and Dr Arnold Spicer (Fellow of Royal Institute of Chemistry) created a Chocolate Factory in the small town of High Wycombe which helped bring joy to the Great British public after WW2.

Over 70 years later, Stewart & Arnold is now produced in the historic market town of Banbury, bordering the Cotswolds and in the heart of the British countryside.


Key points

  • Specifically tailored to British tastes
  • Made using the freshest milk from British farms
  • 100% sustainably sourced cocoa
  • Great for any application
Stewart & Arnold Product Range

Product Range

Our brand new range of chocolates are specifically tailored to preferred British tastes and brings the best of our tradition and expertise to a modern audience.

Beautifully rounded and smooth with distinct flavours, our Chocolates are easy to use and are suitable in many applications.

The range includes: 

  • 70% Great British dark chocolate  
  • 55% Great British dark chocolate 
  • 35% Great British milk chocolate 
  • Great British white chocolate 
  • Great British dark chunks
  • Great British milk chunks
  • Great British white chunks
  • Great British dark chips
  • Great British milk chips
  • Great British white chips