Chocolate Academy Poland


Chocolate Academy is located on the outskirts of Lodz, at the Barry Callebaut Manufacturing Poland 36 Nowy Józefów Street.


Courses held at the Chocolate Academy are a maximum of 12 participants to ensure your comfort during the training.

Course Changes: 

Please note that courses are subject to change ( accidents, unforeseen situations, etc.). You will be notified immediately of any changes or postponement of course dates.

Class Times: 

Doors open to participants from 8am. This gives you time to arrive, change into sweatshirts and have your morning coffee before class begins at 9 a.m. Classes run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ( duration may be extended). All classes include coffee breaks with sweet snacks and lunch provided by the Chocolate Academy

  • Akademia Czekolady Polska
  • Akademia Czekolady Polska
  • Akademia Czekolady Polska
  • Chicago Chocolate Academy Center

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  • Olga Kaczorowska

    Olga Kaczorowska

    Asystentka ds. technologicznych Akademii Czekolady

Ul. Nowy Józefów 36
94-406 Lódz

Telephone (Phone)
+48 882 165 246

Practical information


- A fully equipped workspace

- An apron, which participants take with them at the end of the training

- Recipes to be used as materials during the course

- A wide range of products to be used during the training

- Lunch and all-day access to coffee/tea

- Training completion certificate


- Training organised from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

- If the minimum number of participants does not meet, the course may be cancelled

- The prices quoted are net prices (23%)

- Clients can be company owners as well as private persons