360° Chocolate experience

The Chocolate Academy™ Centre welcomes you to our brand new Academy in Wieze.

Our Callebaut Ambassadors are anxious to meet you and teach you all kinds of new techniques. Our chefs and Ambassadors are eager to present to you countless new trends and techniques from all over the world and share their chocolate knowledge.

Or would you rather learn how to taste chocolate like a professional? We host tasting experiences just for that, and afterwards you can post your experience on our Instawall! Whatever you want to do, we will do our very best to immerse you in the world of chocolate and make your experience a memorable one.

Beginner or expert, everyone is welcome to create their own tale and story In our brand new Chocolate Academy™ Centre!


Discover and expand your talents in one of our four brand new teaching rooms. Raise your pastry and bakery skills to the next level in The Bakery Shop, create a full chocolate menu in The Chef’s Table or become a chocolate expert in The Chocolaterie and become inspired by the delicious pastry courses in The Pastry Lab. Discover our wide array of courses and demonstrations underneath the ‘Courses’ tab.

Chocolate stories on the big screen

You are invited to sit back and relax in our Chocotorium while you enjoy some very informative and instruction videos on cacao and chocolate. In the future we will be able to fully immerse you in the world of chocolate with 3D videos. Our Chocotorium offers room to over a 100 people and is the ideal place to host your presentation or demonstration for both large and small groups.

Discover the secrets of chocolate in The Chocolate Ritual Room

Experience the one and only chocolate ritual and learn how to fully enjoy and experience a chocolate tasting. Discover the sensory based differences between cacao beans, liquors and their impact on the taste of chocolate. Discover first-hand how roasting influences taste, immerse yourself in the world of chocolate.

Watch the cacao trees grow

In Wieze we have our very own cacao plantation, our greenhouse is kept at 24°C and a humidity of 85%. This allows us to grow the typical West-African vegetation of a cacao plantation. Watch the 9 forastero trees grow in this Flemish sub-tropic climate. The plantation is also home to many other exotic trees, flowers and fruits, be sure to take a look when visiting the Academy!

Take a rest in the Chocolate Bar

In between or after courses you can always take a break in our Chocolate Bar. Enjoy a nice piece of chocolate, a spicy warm drink or take your time to read your emails. Have a talk with chefs or discuss the course with your fellow course members.

Become inspired in our Chocolate Library

Always been interested in cacao science or just looking for inspiring recipes? Enjoy the serenity of our library and enjoy the view of the chefs’ workplaces.

The Academy’s Finest Tasting Wall

Taste our finest and most popular recipes, discover more than 15 recipes and combine them. Create your own style with our dark, white, milk and many other chocolate tastes.


Post your photos using the hashtag #ChocolateAcademyBelgium and view your photos on our Instagram wall. What better way to share your chocolate experience than on our wall?