Our Academy in Belgium

Welcome to the Chocolate Academy in Belgium! 

The Chocolate Academy in Belgium has 2 locations:

- one is in Wieze, already operational since 1988, in front of Barry Callebaut’s biggest chocolate factory where the new building is located since 2014;
- the other one is in the city centre of Antwerp since the beginning of 2019, incorporated in the Chocolate Nation, the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world, entirely devoted to Belgian chocolate.

Since we opened the doors of both new academies, we have upgraded our state-of-the-art facilities. We have designed affordable courses that will support you in every stage of your career and chocolate journey. We also offer Specialty Courses, taught by skilled Guest Chefs from around the world. Each Guest Chef has its unique talents as well as the ability to share their knowledge. Come join us to experience passionate teaching in the intimate setting of our Academy, and work side-by-side with truly inspirational chefs.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, the Academy has courses and tools at your level to build upon your knowledge. Our courses fill quickly, which is a testament to the dedicated team at the Academy which strives to make your experience exceptional. If you do find a particular class to be full, be sure to sign up for the waiting list, as we do have cancellations from time to time. 

If your adventures do not bring you to Belgium (Wieze or Antwerp) this year, please follow us on our website or connect with us on social media. 
Also, be aware that you always can follow courses online in our Chocolate Academy Online!

We hope to welcome you into our kitchen soon!


Christa Muyldermans
Senior Chef Chocolate Academy

Dries Delanghe
Senior Chef Chocolate Academy

Francisco Moreira
Chef Chocolate Academy

Felicie Vinckier
Chocolate Academy Coordinator

Isabelle Prooth
Chocolate Academy Assistant

Lieve Annaert
Chocolate Academy Assistant

Katherine Thiré
Chocolate Academy Assistant