• Chocolate 2.0-Modern Confectionery Fundamentals


Once you have mastered the basics of chocolate from Chocolate 1.0-Discovering Chocolate, you are ready to move on to Modern Confectionery Fundamentals. You will study all of the ingredients that are used in ganache and sugar confections as well as introducing you to confectionery software. You will be able to understand the steps in emulsion, the basics of chocolate equipment and chocolate machines. In this 3 day course, you will make more complex, multi-layered confections with delicious fillings and textures. This course is for the intermediate level chocolatier, with a firm understanding of the basics of chocolate.

Prerequisite: Chocolate 1.0-Discovering Chocolate or comfortable knowledge and practice of hand crystallization of chocolate and piping techniques.



Chocolate Academy Instructor

Guest teacher


Level 2


You are working as a professional with a good knowledge about the process of chocolate. You have a good knowledge about tempering of chocolate, basic techniques, etc. So, we won't spend time on theory about tempering and cooling of chocolate.

Designed for participants who are confident with chocolate having worked as a craftsperson for some time or have completed a Beginner Course.



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